Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Goals

I have been diddling over this for the last few days.....The main issue for me is I have about 25 kilos to lose to get to the top of my healthy weight range and have already lost just over 70 kilos. So whilst Michelle says in her book for under 100 kilos to lose .5- 1.5 kilo per week I think I cant do the maximum thinking on that...i am aiming to lose 10% of my body weight. I will set to lost 10 kilos which works out to be 830 grams per week. So by the end of May I hope to be under 90 kilos.

I would also like the 12WBT party to be able to wear a size 16 dress.

To work out 6 days per week and burn a minimum of 500 calories per day that I work out.

I am also participating in Fernwoods Foxy Challenge and I want to do everyone of their weekly challenges.

I also have 3 items of "goal clothes" I would like to fit into all 3 by the end of May.

Goal setting isnt as easy as we think! LOL I would have liked to set some fitness goals...but wasnt really something I could think off. Especially as I cant run at this stage...setting to run a certain amount of kilometres by end of May would have been good.

Anyway thats the goals...I will be back some time this week to do another Vlog!! Maybe tuesday nite after weigh in.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

70.7 kilos lost!!!!

Yes as at this morning I am down 70.7 kilos...heres a pic update...not a great quality as my camera died and needed to use my phone but it will work! lol

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So one of the preseason tasks for 12WBT was to list our here is what I came up with:


-its easier to not exercise and eat bad food
-i want to be normal like others and not think about what I should or shouldnt eat
-im too tired
-im too busy
-my work schedule doesnt allow me to get to the gym
-my gym is closed today
-my gym is on restrictive hours on the weekend
-i deserve a break
-i have too much other stuff to do
-i have a injury
-i deserve a treat
-one day off wont kill me
-im better to eat this now since i have got a craving otherwise the craving will get worse
-this is too much effort
-its too hot/cold
-id prefer to stay home in case the phone rings/someone messages me online
-i dont want to be a spectacle by exercising in public

My biggest excuse is truly "its easier to be fat" i know this isnt true. Losing weight is hard and being stuck in a cardiac ward with a heart attack is hard so its a case of picking your hard. But thruout my whole life anything that has got hard i have given up on. Whether dance competitions as a kid...finishing year 12...getting my drivers licence (which i still dont have) i am the queen of giving up when it gets too hard. I have been losing weight for 4 years. Started at 170.9 kilos...this morning 102.8 kilos...and this is the first time I have truly stuck to something. But the whole "being unhealthy is easier" is always in the back of my mind. This is the first time I have ever gone thru with something...but at the same time i struggle to think i am a success at it. Having lost so much weight with still so much to go...there are others expectations. And I think a huge part of me is scared to say "i rock i will succeed" its kinda like i think if i do that then I will jinx myself. The other thing is I use my fat as a excuse. If someone doesnt like me...or i dont get some job....or dont get a date or whatever...its easy to think "oh its cos i am fat", if I lose the weight and im in the healthy weight zone and someone doesn't like me then I will have to confront that - maybe its my personality, maybe I am not pretty enuff, intelligent enough the list goes on and on. So not only do I have excuses for why I am overweight...I also use my fat as an excuse.

Tonite at the gym my dietician talked to me at the foxy challenge...and told me "you have a real good chance to win...last years winner only lost 5 kilos" wow I mite get competitive and really throw myself into the challenge....not that i really expect to win as people who work in the city can obviously get to the gym a lot more then me...but still its nice to think someone has that level of confidence in me! :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The very first Vlog


I have now registered for the foxy challenge and the 12WBT challnge! I am so excited. This blog I am using for now till the end of May. For those just finding this blog, my journey up to this date is at kazzs journey. But i wanted to take a step back from that journal...and focus more on me and this next 4 months which is why I have created this journal. Am I excited about the next 4 months? I really am. I am really keen to see how fine tuning my diet more helps with the losses, and im looking forward to any improvement with the mindset.

Last nite i pulled out michelles crunchtime book and am planning this week to give it a good kickstart and follow her menu plan in her crunchtime book. Then for the next few weeks I will use this as a basis swapping some meals for meals out of her recipe book for variety. Tomorrow I will also take some photos and record my weight (altho I am guessing these will also be part of the preseason tasks)

This is a exciting time...its me getting under double digits...its me going to sydney...its me living more...and its me devoting the time to me I deserve...this is going to be a great 4 months!!