Friday, February 11, 2011

In a much better head space

I am actually feeling a lot better tonite about everything. i took the progress photos (refer to previous post) and when i took them i nearly didnt post the side view. I thought gawd look at that ass and stomach. Anyway i did post them and a friend on FB commented on my skinny wrists....i didnt really end up with huge wrists at my highest weight....but i was comparing the wrists between the photos then looked at the i knew i had lost close to 30 cms in the last two years from my boobs..but those side on pics make it so obvious! Dont worry i still have ample boobage....but the difference in the photos is amazing (to me anyway). Then i got thinking about my stomach.....and its never going to be flat....whether i get to 76 kilos or not its NEVER going to be flat and thats due to excess skin. The fact of the matter is its highly likely i will end up with 5-10 kilos of excess skin. Thats the reality of it...I cant imagine the excess skin would weigh less then 5 kilos. So maybe its not so much the "pockets of fat" as the doc suggested but the fact of the matter is i will have excess skin (no huge secret there) So i think my thinking just needs a adjustment...initially as my next big goal i just wanna focus on 86 kilos. If I get to 81-86 kilos...its not necessarily that i havent got to a healthy weight range....I got to a healthy weight range but i bought 5-10 kilos of excess skin with me. My insides will still be healthy...i will still have muscle and hopefully relatively toned....just under clothes i may have excess skin. Really when I look at the photos not just a slightly older person, and smaller person....i am actually more toned...not perfectly (and prolly never will be) but even i can tell by looking at those photos they are of a person who is toner and stronger. So the foxy challenge starts monday....YAY....a fresh start with fresh goals...if i get under 95 kilos by the end of may ill be rapt....but regardless i will be happy :) I have set a goal for "points" in the challenge this week to get being 525 points..I am only at the gym 4 days next week with going to sydney but as long as i attend all the classes and do the 2 weekly challenges I will hit those points. I really cant see me having a buckleys chance of winning the challenge within our gym....but if i set a goal each week of number of points i wanna hit and then do it...then i can only gain from it in the long run.

Food wise things are better yesterday and up a lil bit on calories today (just under 1700 cals) but that was just some cheese (and i think i over estimated anyway) tonite would have been easy to go get a yiros (kebab) like i often do saturday nites but instead am having a home made hamburger.

As to the foot/leg/knee/hip debacle..i cant change that....and all we are really doing is preventing me from a hip or knee replacement in the future....sure its a pain...and i really wish this wasnt the case....but it was prolly a fluke that the physio decided to assess my running...and this will hopefully improve and in time can get back to running and be in a better position for it. Yep i didnt wanna play the "weight loss/healthy lifestyle" game there for a bit....but im ready to pick up my toys and keep playing now!

Oh and got my new awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee especially for diarising classes and PT sessions it!!

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  1. Kazz, glad this post is a bit more positive. I understand now where you are at as far as getting to goal weight and still having 5-10 kgs of excess skin, so can see what you are saying. As far as the photos go, they look great. Once your challenges etc are out of the way, will catch up. Martine