Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life is good :)

Well the scales dropped 100 grams thats a good sign!

Tonight I did a PT session of weights/VipR and then walked home from the gym. Im really starting to enjoy those walks home...not only am i burning some extra calories...but its nice being out in the fresh (altho warm) air with just me and my ipod ;) anyway earlier in the day my boss called me aside and said she was talking to one of the other managers a few days ago and i walked past and this manager turned around to my boss and said "wow is that karyn...she is looking really good" so anyway i got thinking while waling home....and yanno life is just getting to a nice place. Life aint perfect (but no ones life is). I noticed this morning when getting legs are less "bumpy" i dunno if it was cellulite or what...i dont think they are smaller but they seem smoother...I will take some photos this weekend (once i buy a new camera)...but yanno work is fine these days...i like my team...i have fun...they listen to my crap i carry on about and expect nothing more from me ;) the weight loss is occurring...i can look in the mirror...and not think i am ugly...sure i dont think i am a model or anything...but think i am passable...everything relating to the gym is good...i enjoy doing the fitness my pt sessions...and the weight loss/healthyness all seems to be trending in the right direction...and its all just a stark difference to like 5 years ago. Funny i was thinking last nite...5 years ago i prolly did think i would get the "perfect" life...but im really happy with things the way they are!!

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  1. Yay.....your ducks are lining up in a row! Its a nice feeling isn't it? :-)