Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Well whats happened this week...apart from the scales going up...grrr! Monday I gymmed it....45 mins body combat.... plus PT session of "killer cardio" as fiona calls it plus walked home from the gym (60 minute walk) and I burnt 1700 calories. Did all this on a 42 degree day...i was very impressed with me! During PT fiona told me that Nora (the physio) had looked at the video of me running...and the verdict is no more running and jogging for a while :( And its not even related to my achilles!!! Turns out when I run I do something funky where my knees turn we need to retrain that before i do anymore running/jogging. The real bonus was last week took me 4 minutes 44 seconds rowing to row 1km...monday nite it was 4 minutes 34 seconds! :)

Tuesday nite I gymmed it again...rowed 1km and then did 45 minute cycle class...another 600 calories burnt. The annoying thing is the scales have gone up since saturday! Argh...I suspect by tomorrow morning it will be up by 2 kilos :( It has been hot here...but I dont think thats the issue as my body fat only went up by 0.4% on tuesday night. So tomorrow is pay day...fill up the cupboards tomorrow nite...and friday i will start michelles 7 day plan put of her crunchtime book again and see if that helps. But i dunno..i know im eating clean...sticking to calories (under 1350) and im its all very strange. Its like...hello kazz your not going under 100 kilos! LOL

Anyway time for biggest loser time!


  1. I think the heat has got something to do with it. I've not eaten any of my 'bonus' points, have eaten clean, exercised 4 days and drunk around 2.5-3 litres of water a day and my scales aren't budging. My hands are also a bit swollen :-(

  2. Where's the "like" button. I really like the "peace" I feel coming from you.